Managed Security Service (MSS)

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Managed Security Service

Managing security is not just a question of managing a set of security devices; the real work lies in evaluating threats, responding swiftly to incidents, setting up remediation, and enforcing security policies. Even with the right technology, these tasks call for trained security specialists, sophisticated security intelligence, and proven processes.

Infocean provides you with full-service management and monitoring of your security devices and applications, including firewalls, VPN servers and anti-virus gateways and intrusion detection technologies.

Services include

For organizations cannot fully outsource the security operations function to a managed security services provider, Infocean can also help you to build and manage your own security management process in the way that best suits your organization’s specific requirements.

With the MSS, you will benefit from Infocean’s expertise and intelligence, which enables you to proactively prevent and identify attacks and address security threats more proactively and real-time response.

Sample MSS Report Request Form

If you would like to see the sample MSS report, please complete all relevant details at the link below. (This report is furnished upon your request and it is strictly confidential – for your exclusive use.)

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