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Workplace Recovery: For the people and processes that keep you in business

When employees aren’t working, your organization loses money. What happens when a disaster compromises your workplace?

You need a solid workplace recovery plan, so your people can get back to work ASAP. And remember, it’s not enough to have a physical location where they can work. They also need access to phones, PCs, your applications, and perhaps the Internet, because continuity of operations – or a lack thereof – will affect your bottom line if you aren’t prepared.

Infocean Business Continuity and Recovery Services – Dedicated Workplace Recovery solution offers a tailored operating environment with comfortable space, x86 desktop and server hardware, printers and fax machines, and advanced voice and data communication capabilities. Infocean Business Continuity and Recovery Services secure high-speed network allows us to address your voice and data requirements. With our a consistently available infrastructure, you are able to recover any time.


Dedicated recovery space for immediate and exclusive use

Systems and Data Recovery Services: For business that never skips

Information availability isn’t just an operational must-have, but a competitive edge. Whether your systems are down from a devastating natural disaster or a mundane hardware failure, you can’t afford the business disruption or the loss of customer trust and your good reputation that can follow an outage.

But the reality is that the majority of organizations that orchestrate their own disaster recovery programs run into trouble and fail to meet their recovery objectives. That’s because disaster recovery often takes a back seat to day-to-day administrative tasks or growth initiatives. Hybrid IT environments also create multiple potential points of failure. And, plans, policies and procedures often fail to keep pace with changes to the production environment. Further, when critical data isn’t refreshed and ready for restoration, business can grind to a halt.

That’s why Infocean Busines Continuity & Recovery Service supports a comprehensive lifecycle approach to systems and data recovery services, designed to protect your business from the scale and scope of any interruption.


Take some time. Backup your company.

Buy a plan, book a room, save your company when disaster came.



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